Why Perspective?

We started with a simple question: Can we make watching presentations as immersive as watching a movie and as fun as playing with an App? No one knew the answer. Naturally, we had to find out. →


Take data visualization to a new height on the Retina resolution display. Pinch & zoom has never felt crisper.


Beyond a visual communication tool, Perspective is designed from the ground up to be responsive, making your data dance to your touch.


Your stories reflect the inherent richness of your data. Perspective lets you play with your data to generate new hypotheses and explore ideas.


1080p anyone? Dazzle your audience with full motion charts in full quality on large display. 



Simply record a performance of the story and share a link, or a PDF. Or publicize your story by tweeting a link. 


First impressions count, and Perspective will tantalize your audience from the very first moment to the last. This is