We started with a simple question: Can we make watching presentations as immersive as watching a movie and as fun as playing with an App?

No one knew the answer.
Naturally, we had to find out.

We bootstrapped into a rapid product development process. We produced 100s of iterations, testing each in real, live, high-stakes performances worldwide.

We discovered new ways to put data, text and imagery into motion to create new types of cinematic experiences that moves audiences.

Going beyond live, we built means to record and broadcast with a single tap—so great stories could be told, heard and watched thousands of times across the world.

We vowed not to retrace steps of bygone eras. We reached beyond the PC to find newer and better ways to magnify the natural storytelling powers in all of us.

At every turn we asked: 
How can we persuade more effectively?
How can we present more precisely?
How can we create more productively?

We aimed to equip everyone with stories that are at once touching and touchable, so we built on the intrinsic strengths of the new touch platforms: intimacy, connectivity, precision, and portability. 

2 years,
5 major versions,
100s of performances,
1000s of audiences later…
we've taken the first steps. 

But we’ve just gotten started.

Who will be our next storyteller? 

We hope it will be you.