Perspective 5

By now you should have received the Perspective 5 update. Our focus in Perspective 5 is to find more engaging ways to put stories together. Below are just some introductory notes on Perspective 5 features. We hope to elaborate on each one in upcoming posts. 

Portrait mode lets you see your stories in a fresh new way. You will find many charts look better in Portrait. Why not just turn the device to get your point across more clearly. 

Black is the new White. You can now create stories which have either white or black background. In practice, we have found black background more versatile and easier on the eye. 

Blur effects. Area and Line charts include effects to blur the background data so you can focus on a single point. 

More options to Share, using standard share sheet. You can share stories in many ways, you can even save scenes as Animated GIFs. 

Data inspector in Line and Bubble charts to see the underlying data.

Improved Recording tracks precise movement in the story including going back and forth between scenes.

New Remix panel allows you to easily find old stories, or bring in new data and imagery from Wikipedia right into your stories.

Last but not least, hundreds of smaller bug fixes and improvements. And we are just at 5.0. Watch this spot for updates of the new features in Perspective 5.