Bring Data to LifE

We’ve all seen it: the Excel Email Enclosure (“EEE”)!

We all dread opening it. Especially on an iPad.

Because we all know what we will be next.

A Sea of Hurt. EEE!

Email Enclosure.png

Lots of Data. Little Insight. EEE!

A Frustrating Experience. EEE!

Can’t find the cell in the sea of data. EEE!

Can’t use the Pivot table. EEE!

This Excel form is so hard to use. EEE!



What if, instead of numbers, tables, texts, formulae, macros jumbled together, you could actually SEE your data, brought to life, in motion. On the iPad.

What if, your experience on your iPad could be better than on the PC or Mac?

What if you could reach out and touch your data, to adjust it to what you need?

There must be a better way.

And there is, today. On the iPad.

sales details, zoom in.png

Futuristic? Hardly.

All this is possible today.

You already have the data in that Excel Email Enclosure (EEE).

All you need is your iPad and Perspective App from the AppStore.

You too can be a Data Rockstar. An Insight Guru.

To get started, sign up for a 30-minute Data Visualization Tune-up.

We don’t need any data.
We don’t need any apps.
We don’t even need your presence.

We can do this remotely.
Sit back and watch how we can bring Data to Life.

Together we can see the future. When your data will be free at last. For all to see.

From EEE to SEE.
Bring Your Data to Life.