Readiness Smart Template - Release 3.0.4

To simplify MD's experience, the Readiness 3.0 introduces the  Airlift Agent. The agent is a server-side program that facilitates direct loading of Readiness data into the Perspective App. No longer do end users need to pass around or download Excel files. Not only does it simplify workflows, Readiness 3.0 also is less taxing for the device.

End-User Instructions - Core Team Only

Note: These instructions is for the Core Team only. A one-step update will be available to general users once the Core Team has approved the release. You will need the latest Perspective App (7.0.0.x) from TestFlight. 

Go to Settings > Perspective 

For Library Host enter the name of the host that is running pxagent: .
For Library Port use 9090 or the port you designated to pxagent.

Restart Perspective. On your iPad, tap on this link:




This will install the Fidelity Sandbox and download the Client Readiness 3.0.13 template. Now, hit [+] to create a new story. If you are prompted pick Client Readiness 3.0.13.

You will be presented with a list of customers. Pick a customer from the list. Perspective will create a new story for that customer. 


If you are an end user and have reached this far you are all set! The rest of this page describe the administrative interfaces.

Server Installation Instructions - ADMIN ONLY

Note:  Airlift Agent is provided as part of the Readiness Pilot for a streamlined user experience for the Pilot users. The intended use is for Pilot only. Fidelity infrastructure folks are working on producing Production version of this service.

See specific steps at: .

You may download agent installation zip files from


Unzip both files, then follow instructions in README.txt.

Fine Print/Known Issues

1. Access to the data is only available through the App.

2. Scenario planning labels use slightly incorrect casing: Scenario Aa 3% vs. Scenario AA 3%.

3. To keep the data compatible with manual Excel upload, we have kept the following mappings:

  • 5% → 5p
  • Parts → Participants. 

Release History

3.0 - 
3.0.4 - Client import

2.0 - Initial 2.0 Release
2.0.1 - Support Python 2.6 as per Fidelity Workplace guidelines. 
2.0.2 - Staged version verified to work on 9/1/2015

Proprietary Notice
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