What can I do with the Perspective App?


  • Play and be inspired by Stories (See How to Play Stories)
  • Author new stories (See How to Author Stories)
  • Present your own stories to an audience (See How to Present Stories)
  • Record interactions and voiceovers (See How to Record Stories)
  • Publish to your peers and/or the world (See How to Publish Stories)
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How much does Perspective cost?

Perspective is a Free App for the iPad and iPhone. You can use it to play many available free stories. To play a premium story you may have to make a nominal in-app purchase. You will never be charged without explicitly agreeing to the purchase via standard ways. 

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What can I do to a story?

The set of actions available on a story depends on whether you created it or downloaded it. Tap on a story image on the home screen to bring up the information display and see all actions you can perform on it. If you created a story, you will see options such as Play, Present, Edit, Publish, and Rename.

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I am having trouble purchasing.

If you have purchased Pro subscription on one of your iPads, you do not have to buy it again on your other iPads; as long as
  a. all of those devices are signed into iCloud using the same Apple ID
  b. and have 'Documents & Data' turned on in the iCloud settings app iCloud may take some time to synchronize information across all of your devices. So if you still does not work, make sure that you have internet connection and try again after a few minutes.

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How can I play stories to my Mac, PC or Android device

Reflector application can mirror Perspective running on your iPad or iPhone over wifi or Bluetooth to your Mac, PC or Android device.

Install and start Reflector on your system as the target display.

Your iOS device should either be on wifi, ethernet connected on the same network or Bluetooth paired to the target system.

Turn on AirPlay Mirroring on your iOS device, select the target system.

Open Perspective app and tell your Story!

See Perspective Media FAQ.

How do I create a Sankey diagram?

Creating Sankey diagrams usually required expensive specialized engineering software on a desktop or graphics programming skills...until now. You can now create and edit Sankey diagrams right from your iPad. It is as simple as loading a spreadsheet, or just enter the data in Perspective. Sankey diagram is hailed by visualization experts such as Edward Tufte because of its elegant richness in displaying information. 

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You are on this page most likely because something didn't work smoothly in your use of Perspective. For this we are really sorry. We are here to help! Below we have compiled a few of the issues and remedies. Please feel free to contact us at support@pixxa.com if you need further help.

Version Mismatch - Trying to download a story and Perspective suggests I need to update to the latest.

The story you want to open is saved with a newer version of the App than you are using. If you have downloaded latest Perspective App and still get this message, it is most likely due to a mistake. Send us a message to perspective@pixxa.com and we will fix it. Once fixed, all you have to do is to re-download the story and you should be all set.